आखिर सात समंन्दर पार का मतलब क्या होता है ?और यही क्यों होता है ?

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Hello Friends , we will tell you the meaning of saat samandar paar (सात समंन्दर पार )  today .
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But before that let us get familiar with this phrase सात समंन्दर पार . If you are keen to watch movies , you would have definitely listen this song “सात समंन्दर पार मैं तेरे पीछे -पीछे आ गई “.
And since then the song and the phrase gone famous ,that is why whenever we ask others for their family members and if the members are abroad ,then they say that he/she (that family member) has gone सात समंन्दर पार .
But many of us being in young generation are unaware of this phrase and its meaning . But let me tell you what “it” actually means. 
In the mentioned above , the dancer says the she has come सात समंन्दर पार , it actually means that she also had come to abroad chasing the actor . 

  • So basically सात समंन्दर पार means going abroad or a foreign country . 
So actually it means that crossing the seven seas on the Globe . Which means one has walked/crossed a quite a long distance .

Sea Images

But nowadays it is common for the instance when our family members go to Cities like Delhi  Mumbai ,Kolkata, Chennai  etc , with the purpose of business or earning .

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But Why सात समंन्दर पार only (for going abroad) 
I basically could not gather the information about this phrase to be commonly called in the situations mentioned above . But this is famous so famous 😜😜😀😁.  We all use it but none of us know the origin of this phrase .

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