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 hello friends , welcome to ours a new article where we will discuss certain counted ways to be unique in life and before those whom we meet quite often. So let’s begin…………………………

        What it actually means to be unique  ? 

 It may have different perspective for different people because it  somehow and some way depends on what one thinks and how he/she wants to present himself/herself before others . But one thing that generally and logically can be told to be unique might be as follows…..


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                  Those who are unique are really unique ,because theirs the way to think is quite different from ordinary people …

how to be unique

      10 Qualities that will make you unique .

1. Genetics ; It means if your parents and family are well treated and given the right  sacraments(sanskar in hindi) ,then definitely you have ability to become unique . If it’s not the case then willingly create such an environment in your family .

2. Habits : No doubt ,when habits become our nature then it is easy to achieve anything and if these habits are good what to say then. You are then near to your goal. So make good habits and follow them in life to be unique .

3. Perspective : Basically ,whether you are unique or not ,it somehow and sometimes depends on your own  thinking i.e. perspective . Therefore start believing in yourself that you are unique.

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4. Intellect : Intellect is basically how high and how deep you think and may think . With meditation and real life problem solving skills you can become an intellectual . and have that intellect that will make you different from others obviously.

5. Relationship/Bonding  :We all live in relations among which some are congenital and some are acquired . But those who handle these relations with full dedication and no cheats , they automatically become unique in themselves . So try improving your relations and keep them natural not made with words only .

6. Creativity: Not just in academic or curricular life but also anywhere and anytime you should be ready for creativity to showcase . Bring out new ways to dispute the querelles and it will present your creativity before others making you unique.

7. Passionate : That’s the harsh reality of those who are unique . Because they are passionate about the things they once decide to do . And if you develop that attitude of craziness about anything that will definitely increase your unique , so if you decide to do something then don’t turn back just complete the task.

8. Body Language : Sometimes it never matters which family background you belong to , because that time everything is judged by your body language i.e. how you speak, how you talk to others , how you walk ,how to generally do the things , how you introduce yourself before others .

9. Angerless: Those who are unique are not because of some super powers ,but they are so because they don’t have some evils that ordinary people have and one of those evils is anger . Avoid it ,and you will feel within a few days that you are becoming different from others .

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10. Be Hard to Reach: It basically means that not everyone should approach you and easily . Because you know the things we often have or in plenty we don’t honor it ,but the we get or achieve rarely after long time has its compete value honored . That’s what is the quality of unique peoples.

                  But it never means that by being hard to reach you become selfish,no it never means so nor we intend to create such things through this article.

                  Lastlies ……………

 friends being unique and developing this attitude is itself a unique  . Being unique never means you are all rounder or you should be , You can be try be unique in certain fields or should be . 

               Thanks for reading this article . That’s all for today….

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