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 1. In a ΔABC, length of the side BC is six times the tangent of its opposite angle with other sides being equal and having an inclination of 30° . Find the area of the triangle ( Sin(C/5)=0.40 ).

2. How many pairs of positive integers p,q satisfy 

  (1/p)+(1/q)=(1/12) where q is an odd integer less than 60 ?

3. Find the simplified value of 


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4. The monthly incomes of A and B are in the ratio 3:4 and their monthly expenses in 7:11 . If each saves ₹10,000 per month ,find the monthly income of A .

5. A right circular cone of volume x ,a right circular cylinder of volume y and a sphere of volume z all have the same radius ,and the common height of cone and cylinder is equal to diameter of the sphere ,find the relation among x,y and z

6. Find the remainder ,if x2019+1 is divided by (x+1).

7. If 0°≤ x ≤90° and ( 81sin2+ 81cos2x=30 ) then find the value of x .

8. If 

and the values of ‘k‘ & ‘k2‘ are the roots(provided all the roots are positive) of the equation 

x3-px2+(p2-181)x-(7p-4) ,
then find the values of +ve k ,p and sum of the roots of the above equn. 

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