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Do you want to drive the high paying usa web traffic to your blog and want increase your earning exponentially ? If so then you are at the right place !   

    In today’s article I will share with you important tips on how to drive the valuable traffic to your blog or website . So let’s begin

What is USA Traffic for Blog ?

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  USA traffic for blog means the clicks / visitors to your blog from the USA . As the living standards and spend rate in the USA is higher than any other country ,that’s why everyone there spends a lot and it becomes fascinating for bloggers and creators to have US traffic (simply western traffic ).

Why USA Web traffic ?

As mentioned above the spend rate and the amount spent in the western countries is much higher than that of any other country and most of the leading global brands are based in the US  that is why they pay a lot for advertisement to ad networks like Media.net ,Google Adsense ,Adsterra ,Propeller ads etc , . This becomes valuable for other bloggers to get USA traffic for their blogs or websites or products. 

How to get USA Web traffic ?

To get the usa blog  traffic to blogs read the below given strategies very carefully and implement them practically with efforts :

1.  Choose your Niche Wisely 

  Yes ,it is very important factor for any blog . Because a niche decides your oriented and clear goal to your users and Search Engines  though ours is a mixed content blog being a News ,reviews ,Science and Educational blog.  

    Choosing a niche wisely pays you more than expected . For e.g. tech niche blog in India or other Asian countries can be beaten by a lower niche blog such as educational blog ,based in the USA for the same or even lower amount of traffic . This is because of high CPC even with low CTR .  

    As I recommend ,you should choose a high quality niche . In case a lower niche blog ,I will tell you in the later sections .

2. Write attractive Content 

 Ultimately the main thing through which will attract the traffic is your content that must be full of quality . After choosing a particular niche ,and a topic for your article go to improve the quality of your content .

3. Improve your Content Quality 

To do this ,write the article with full research and Analysis keeping your audience in mind.

 Include properly placed headings

Use High quality images 

Use a lot of backlinks from usa blogs .

4. Optimize Your Post 

To make this happen ,you need to use high paying keywords at the right places after full keyword research . You can use Ahref ,Semrush ,Google Keyword Planner , or Uber Suggest (preferred ) for keyword research . 

     Most possibly use low competition keywords so as to rank faster in Google or other search Engines.  

   Register your blog in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tool. 

5.  Do On /Off -Page SEO 

 On page seo means optimizing your blog while writing the article . Using proper backlinks ,Using high quality images ,etc comes under this.  And doing Keyword research etc comes under off-page SEO.

6. Review and Publish 

After completely finalising your article review it as if you yourself is a visitor or viewer came to your blog.  And if found everything  OK ,hit publish . And again review it live on the blog. You can show it firstly to your friends or other experts so that your article is in the standard Format for USA .

7. Social Sharing 

After completing all the above steps ,copy the link and share it on social media  . As I am telling you to drive US traffic ,therefore share your articles targeting specially the USA traffic and for this share it in USA based Facebook groups to attract more traffic. 

   This way many blogger are making heft of money each day and month. You can be one of them.

8. Promote Your Blog 

You can also promote your blog through Fiverr ,Upwork ,or other Freelancing websites and also through Adnetworks like Google ads, Media.net , Ads Thrive etc while targeting specially the US traffic only. 

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