All About Physics Wallah:How much he earns ? His Course LAKSHYA JEE & NEET (SAI)

Physics Wallah is  a Great personality specially & personally for me . He is an Awesome man .

 And a lot of people (including mostly Students)know him for his work in Education Field through Youtube  . He had been providing Free Education to the students who are preparing for JEE (MAINS & Adv.) & NEET  . All his videos Are still available on Youtube .
Who is Physics Wallah ?
 Physics Wallah is a YouTube Channel dedicated for Physics initially and is owned by Physics Wallah AKA Alakh Pandey . Alakh Pandey Sir is graduate from an Engineering College in Kanpur. 
Physics Wallah was born on Oct 2nd 1991 in Prayagraj  UP.
 Physics Wallah is a Youtube Channel providing Free Education to the Students of CLASS 11TH & 12TH preparing for JEE & NEET . Physics Wallah was first an Offline coaching running In Allahabad(Prayagraj) .
 Almost in 2016 Physics Wallah turned to Online on Youtube.. It provided the same level of content on Youtube as in Offline coaching . Sorry for I couldn’t gather information regarding his Degrees ,but as per sometimes he says He is B.Tech. Graduate from A College in Kanpur.
Physics Wallah Alakh Pandey images old images
Where does Physics Wallah Reside?
Physics Wallah Lives in Prayagraj( the then Allahabad) . He now lives in Delhi at his residence as his Office and coaching are now in Delhi.. Prayagraj is a District of the Indian State Uttar Pradesh. It falls in the Purvanchal (पूर्वांचल) Region of UP. 
What Does Physics Wallah Teach :
Physics Wallah Taught Physics And Chemistry on his Youtube Channel and now he teaches through his app and he has a very great team of faculties . He makes you understand so smoothly that if you are a newbie ,you can understand all your Concepts very – very ….. Clearly.
If you are studying any random Chapter from him , then too you understand the chapter very well.
Does Physics Wallah Sponsor Any Product ?
Not Of Course , Because he is very Independent and self-reliant Person who does not wish to promote any particular product . He has his own Platform PhysicsWallah Android App.
and his Three official Youtube Channels named:
1. Physics Wallah- Alakh Pandey(PW
2. Physics Wallah – Foundation
3. Competition Wallah(CW)
4. Jee Wallah
5. NCERT Wallah
Physics Wallah’s Real Name:
Physics Wallah’s Real Name is Alakh Pandey originally from Prayagraj ,UP.
The Great Man
How much Physics Wallah Earn ??
Physics Wallah first Applied ads on his Physics Wallah App ,but when his Platform grew and became famous and famous launching various courses he removed all his ads from the App ,so First he earned some good amount from his App.
          His course Prices Range from Rs.800 to Rs.5000 . But his courses are so cheap that almost anyone can afford it.
 But his First and Enough earning was from his Youtube Videos from where he Had earned almost 8 to 9 Figures of Income. And he also earns from his Website when getting visitors . He also earns from his two other Youtube Channels . And he nowadays mainly earns from his paid Courses provided on his Physics Wallah app. 
But this is a Fact that If he would have worked with/for other Edtech Companies like Byju’s , Aakash Institute , Allen, Unacademy, ,Vedantu
,( SuperArticlesIndia is not promoting any of these platforms/Companies) ,he  would have earned a very Great Amount in Crores for his the Ways of teaching ,but He had his commitment to establish his own Platform which really took Place as PhysicsWallah Android App ,which has more than 10 Lakhs Downloads(1M +).
Physics Wallah’s Inspiration: 
As per the sayings of Physics Wallah ,He is truly  Inspired from The Physics’ Legend HC Verma Sir who taught Physics at IIT Kanpur……

Physics Wallah’s Youtube Channel: Subscribe it.
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