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Best books for JEE and Full guide for Preparation,why should you become engineer



Hello Friends,

                       If You ask the students of class 10th,11th & 12th and even of class 9th that what they want to Do after 12th ,you will find most of them saying that they want to Do Engineering . If you further ask “From Where ?”  They will preferably say ,”From IITs like IIT Bombay, Delhi ,Kanpur,Kharagpur,  Roorkee, BHU or any other reputed IITs in the Country . And these are selected through JEE(Read this Article on Full Forms from A to Z “).
                So if you are one of them ,then this article is gonna be quite helpful for Your preparation of JEE as I am myself an aspirant of IIT JEE. I am going to guide you and give you some working and proven strategies and the Books you should Practice questions from. So let’s begin the journey ……..
What is JEE ?
    JEE stands for Joint Entrance Exam ,through which Students are given various colleges for the Engineering preparation based on their rank . It is held in two stages 
Stage 1 : JEE MAIN
Stage 2 : JEE Advanced
                 Only Some 1,75,000 to 2,00,000 candidates are selected in stage one for JEE adv. who appear for the India’s Toughest Engineering Exam to get the Admission into Top Engineering Colleges like those I mentioned above.
Why should you become Engineer ?
 Dear friends I have noticed it quite often when I ask this question to some JEE aspirants ,they give me examples of Sundar Pichai who (according to a report earns 2.5 Crores per day i.e. 336 Thousand Dollar ,so you can estimate his Total income ,this is “what his Salary is “) ,means they basically want to become Engineer because they want to have the Biggest ever package. 
                             But you should think this should not be the only aim of yours , in fact you have opportunities to apply the concepts and Formulae in Real life for the well being of Humanity. Like whenever I see Fly overs ,Bridges, Metro Pillars, a Highway Crossing Over another Highway and a Fly Over Passing over them ,This fascinates me quite a lot because this is what an engineer should earn being Engineer .
Which Coaching Should You join ?
       As per what I recommend others ,I always say them ,don’t go for any Coaching to waste your time and your Parents’ hard earned money. Your views may Contradict with that of mine,but this is my personal view. Just think ” Is there any Sarbat , Jadi Booti or anything else that these coachings will give you for Rs. 1,00,000 or 2,00,000 for one to two year and You will be Awesome in Studies ?” Not at all . 
                                                   So do self preparation and take the Help of Your School Teachers or any other Elder in Your Family or Neighbours . Because you would also have seen/heard what 
Students do after going to Coaching Institutes like that in Kota or Delhi , you would see Almost all Boys and Girls hand in hand being BF and GF ,but this was not money of their parents for. 
                              I don’t blame all the students going for coaching , but many of them fall in the category ,I mentioned above.
The Coaching Scam in India ?
What you think about this . Do the Coaching Institutes really care about you ? Again, not Of course . Because their intention has changed with time ,they had opened their institutes to mentor and teach the Concepts deeply to the Students . But nowadays these institutes have changed in Business Industry . 
              They have scheduled the Course fee ranging Thousands to lacs . They have all kinds of Course . If you ask them for the Admission of Your child or yourself (if you are student ) they will ask you how many years’ or Months’ course are you looking for . 
                                       Before they give you admission in their coaching ,they will talk to you in such a way that ,the student is really going to crack IIT . 
Even their course fee ranges In Lacs almost. If you are not satisfied with their teaching manner or environment ,they won’t give you the full refund even within 5 to 6 days of enrollment. 
              But you might be thinking why and how am I telling you all these so confidently, because friends me myself has been the Victim of such a Reputed institute who tag line is below
IIT एक जुनून है और 
Aa***h इसकी शुरुआत .
But what I believe is : 
IIT एक जुनून है और ,
आप इसकी शुरुआत 
Believe in Yourself…
You would have seen the 2020 NEET Topper Shoyeb Aftab who studied almost from 25+ coachings within a year . Can you imagine this Super Man.
Below is a Roast video of the same……


Note: The above video is not produced by SuperArticlesIndia . So we don’t take any Responsibility if the video covers any inappropriate information. 
Should you follow Time Table ?
As I guess Time table has not big significance in improving you. It might definitely work for others. The things working for me may not for you and vice versa.
                   You should Give preference to each of your subjects not just of JEE but also your boards. What I recommend is that ,whenever you have time Complete your work as a responsibility . And I hope you will definitely do it……. Now I going to give you suggestions for Best books for your preparation that will get you a Rank under 100 ,which is a far better rank. So are you ready ,…..
Best Books for JEE Mains & Advanced  ……….
The first book that recommend in for Physics is HC VERMA VOL 1 AND VOL 2
and again most preferably NCERT .
But most preferably after having gone through these books you should ,to be more precise ,you must solve the previous year question papers. Some of them . You can purchase these books from your nearby Stationary Shop or order online on Amazon ,Flipkart etc . You will get discounts when purchasing online ….
I will be Very sorry if there have been Spelling mistakes or Word arrangement
Let me know your Feedback and Views in the Comment section Below…….
Hey dear Friends thanks for being here.
   — SuperArticles,The Site Owner.

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