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 In this post we are mainly going to review some table lamps and solar lamps which are useful for both house works and study for students .
                     As me myself being a student has very less time for extra curricular works so I will review only a few lamps ,but I hope you will be satisfied  with my review . We are unable to mention the price of each product because their prices fluctuate depending on the demand and supply. So sorry for that. But enjoy it.
The above picture is of a solar light (lamp ) which is of great use . I personally used it . When there is light over the solar panel then  the lights get off on its own . It is great example of artificial intelligence which has been designed by an Engineering student. When there is no one walking or talking around the light then to it gets off so as to conserve energy.  I personally recommend to use it you can order it from Snapdeal , Amazon Flipkart or directly by clicking the above image. If you tow at a time then get special discounts.

The above Picture clearly Fascinates you from its example image. This is an electric operated table lamp which is really very much useful for students and those who work over table like writers , Officers, Advocates, etc. You can buy this also from Flipkart , Snapdeal or Amazon.
This can be charged from Electricity . But this is very fascinating and useful Table lamp.
This is also an easy to use table lamp for  students and professionals like I mentioned above. This is also an electric operated table lamp . It is a chargeable lamp . It can be used for the works which can be done over a table like studying , knitting, etc. Hope you are satisfied by its review.
So let’s review the best one for young students. Which is very interesting for Young students..
As it is clear from the above picture how it looks like so ut does not need anymore introduction . You would have got its importance is for whom . That is , it is useful and interesting table lamp for students of almost KG, LKG , UKG , I ,II , III , IV …… etc.
So,  hope , you got the point .
As you can see the above picture , this is also solar lamp that has great importance in Rural Areas . So I will personally recommend you to buy this if you are belong to a village or are directly from village. Hope you got the importance of the  above lamp.
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Hope you got this reviewing article very helpful for you and your child.

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