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As the cases of new variant of Covid -19 i.e. Omicron are spreading quite rapid . As on December 2 there almost 19 countries affected by the same but as a news by National News , on 2nd December 2021 there were new cases in India too spreading firstly in Karnataka in a 86-year and another 46-year old men.

This is really not very good sign for the board exams and the assembly elections of 2022 in many northern states.

As stated by WHO Omicron is at more probability to spread faster and if this continues then definitely board exams or any other offline exams might be cancelled but this is not a official NOTICE . 

Keep up with us for the latest news regarding board exams.


Will really be Board Exams cancelled ?


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There is no official news or Notice as on Dec 3 2021 morning time regarding cancellation of board exams either by the Government or the Respective Boards itself . So this can’t be said with any surity about board exams. Just pray to God for your successful Board Exam so that you can say in your Interviews or anywhere else that you have passed the exam on your own but not due to Corona as of 2020-2021 students.

What if Board Exams Cancel ?

There is latest news yet regarding the cancellation. So just focus on your exam and don’t surround yourself with negativity.

What will Government Do ?

It’s totally upto the situations according to time. The government would never wish to cancel the exams we have already have a great loss in the 2020-21 session by cancelling the exams. But what ever govt decides must be in students’ as well as in the Nation’s favour so that the quality of education and experience of board exams remain maintained.

Schedule of the Board Exams – You can check it on the official website of CBSE –

Precautions to Take for Exam : 

1. Wear Proper and full face-mask.

2. Have a small bottle of sanitiser .

3. Maintain Social Distancing.

4. Don’t discuss the paper/questions /patter with any one before the exams.

5. Take deep breath and have a successful and content full exams.

6. Don’t waste more than specified time on a single question.

7. And most importantly ,keep all your required items always with you viz. Pen , Admit Card etc.

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