History of Android Logo ? android logo design app-Who designed it.

  History of Android Logo ? How Android logo was designed and who designed it ?  

Android Logo

         Hello friends most of the mobile phones in the world are occupied by Android only which directly shows the monopoly of android in the international market . But have you ever thought why and how android’s logo was designed . Don’t know ? Then Don’t worry ! SuperArticlesIndia is here to help you .

What Android means ? 

         actually android means such and automation which resembles humans ,and that is why its logo .     

  WHY Android logo was designed ? 

              No sense becomes to ask and answer such questions in real , because any company is known by its LOGO and name only . Therefore android has also a logo . 

Who designed Android Logo ? 

              The graphic designer Irina Blok who work in Google designed this internationally used Android logo . It was designed  in 2007 . Blok told that the logo was desined in such way that it is cusmizable by anyone and anyway . 

What does Android consist of ? 

       The main  element of android is a Robot whose torso is in Quadrangular shape ,head is semicircular containing tow antennas and limbs are in the form of Two rods in the sides . 

Why a Robot in the Android Symbol ?

                              Because the BOSS of IRINA BLOK asked her to necessarily include a robot ,so she had to do so . 

WHY the Color is GREEN ?  

   The logic behind its green color is that Green color creates contrast with other colors . BUT one other logic behind it is that the green color also symbolises the GROWTH , FRESHNESS , AND PROSPERITY . 

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According to Irina , Android logo like THE Android Operating System is an Open Source Symbol meaning anyone can use it publicly in the way they wish . IT means anyone can use this symbol according to their own wish.

        At that time there had been a Video game whose characters name was android ,and something from this the android logo is inspired  . You can see the below image . The one in the left is  the Game character and at the right is the Android logo. 


old android logo and the modern

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