Horses Stable —How to get entry in Horses Stable

Hello guys ,in this article we are to know about the Indian reality funding show ‘Horses Stable ‘ broadcasted on Good News Today and Platform by Dr. Vivek Bindra Sir . But many of you might not be knowing about a funding show , so let’s clear it first .

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  What is a reality Funding Show ?

It is like any other Reality shows like that of Comedy , Singing , Dance etc. Similarly , It is a reality show in which an entrepreneur or a person with any business idea seeks for the investment to start or scale his/her business . In this kind of shows , on the spot funding is approved by the investor(s) . 

What is the meaning of Horses Stable ?

Horses Stable basically here signifies the horses as Investors in the show . Stable might be telling that these horses are here to help you out by investing in your ideas or stratups .

Who can go in the show for investment ?

  The people/person/entity/company who wish to start a new business or has some idea and want to put it on the ground ,can apply for this.

  But in this article we are specially to discover the  ‘Horses Stable’ whose tag line is ‘ Jo Jeeta wahi Sikandar ‘ 

     What are the rules to get in the show i.e. Horses Stable ?

  We are gonna discuss all the rules in simplest language and manner so that anyone can understand them . There are basically 8 rules as stated by the show. 

Rule 1-  The Pitch 

      Pitch is basically the initial statements or information given by the entrepreneur (from now on we will use  B-man instead of entrepreneur to keep it simple , I hope it’s ok.) . The B-man must start the meeting by stating his/her/their name , name of business, amount of money they seeking in the investment , percentage of equity . 

Rule 2- The Q & A 

       This is the time frame based action that the Investor and the B-man do while negotiating about the business.  In this sequence Horses ask the questions regarding the amount , prior fundings etc.

Rule 3- Opting out 

This basically indicates the denial of investors for investing the business . I think it is more technical , so let me make it more simple in your language , ,, opting out means if all the investors declare themselves ‘out’ of the deal , then no Investor can restart the negotiation unless & untill it is really necessary . I hope I am successful in making you understand this term. So let’s move to the next rule .

Rule 4-Investment 

In this segment the B-man has to be stable on his demand i.e. what he asked the investors regarding amount , equity share etc.  Basically it means ,if the B-man has asked for USD 100K for a share of 10% ,then he should stick to his demand and deal to make the horses agree. This is not compulsion that the B-man has to obey anyhow even if he is loosing the deal. It’s not so.   He can listen to the Investors’ offers also then he can choose .

Rule 5- Multi-Horses Investment 

In this regard , if more than one horse is interested in your the deal they can do this by dividing the Investment amount and the equity share . But this should be acceptable to the B-man .

Rule 6- Refusing Investment 

As stated above, the deal is done only when it is acceptable to the B-man also. If he is not satisfied with the offers of the Horses then he has the full right to refuse the investment and he can go back to his home , I mean to his office or company .

Rule 7- The Deal

The deal here means the agreement between(b/w) the Horse(s) and the B-man . It is what the horse stated while negotiation ,and off-screen agreement .

Rule 8- The Advocate 

As per the regulations of Horses Stable, the B-man is allowed to bring an advocate to help him explain his ideas and deal before the horses .

Documents /info needed for application:

I am providing you a list of documents or info. needed to submit to be shortlisted for the show and investment.

  • Your Full Name 
  • Brand name
  • Entity Name
  • State
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website URL
  • Brief Intro .of your business/idea
  • Company Design Date
  • Current Phase : Idea ,Research &                                                  Development,Prototype,                                            Crowdfunding
  • Company Type
  • Investment Amt Asked/expected
  • Equity share percentage
  • Intention with funds (what will u do with this )
  • No. of employees
  • Revenue till date
  • Monthly Revenue
  • Past funds 
  • Inspiration behind idea
  • Current Cap Table Structure
  • Business Idol
  • Reference
  • Pitch deck
  • Photo of product /business
How to register for Horses Stable ?
  To register :Click Here 

 I hope you understood everything regarding this . 

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