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So let’s begin with How to calculate the No. of covalent bonds in an Organic Compound with any no. Of Carbon atoms (like C2H6 (ethane)  C6H14   (Hexane) etc )
So here are the steps you should follow while calculating the no. of Covalent Bonds .
1.  Firstly Identify the no. of C-atoms present in the molecule like Hexane has six C-atoms & 14 H-atoms

2. Now multiply the no. of C-atoms by                    3 .

3. Now add the result with 1 for Alkanes & Ketones , 2 for Carboxylic Acids & Alcohols . 

4. Now what you got is the Answer you are looking for .
Where can you Use these Formulae ?
You can use the Above tricks in Competitive exams like NTSE , NSTSE ,& many other olympiads .

You can use these Concepts for calculating the π & sigma bonds in Class 11th, 12th, JEE & NEET .

We will upload many more such tricks for the ease in your Exams . So stay tuned with us . We will give Pulley problems tricks , work & energy tricks .
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