How to earn money online in India in 2021 and From Youtube? यूट्यूब से पैसे कैसे कमायें । affiliate Marketing .

You can earn money by creating your own youtube channel and getting accepted in YPP( Youtube Partner Program).

How to Create A Youtube Channel?
 यूट्यूब चैनल कैसे बनायें।।

    You can create your Youtube channel in the youtube app.
Steps to follow to create your channel:-

 1. Open the Youtube app.
 2. Click on your avatar(profile icon ).
 3. Click on the arrow like this^(opened upword ) at the top. Or directly click on ‘Your Channel’.
 4.  Now tap create Channel.
 5. Congratulations! you have created your youtube 
 6. You can manage then channel settings from then onwards. 
   How to earn money from your 

 You can earn money by uploading videos on your channel and showing ads on them. 
 But you can earn money by the ads shown on your videos only when your channel is monetised. 
Any youtube channel is monetised when you reach/cross 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of public watch time on your videos within past 12 months. 
Note :During all these happenings one thing you ‘must’ do is ,be Patient . These are time taking jobs but their Fruits are really very sweet. So don’t make a hurry .

But Don’t worry , this is not the only way to earn money from Youtube.
   There are following alternatives of the same ……

You can earn money monthly even more than what you may be earning from monetisation of your Youtube channel. Sponsorship is the way in which you promote any Brand /Company/ Product of any Company so that the Company  can increase its profit by reaching more and more customers. 
                      And in turn of the profit the company  pays you a great amount even upto 40k to 50k or even more upto 100k(One lakh)  
           There are so many youtubers who are earning great amount just from sponsorship.
  Now the next way that comes is 
Affiliate Marketing: 
If you want to learn and Earn from affiliate marketing ,then Stay tuned    with  us . The Expansion that would have taken place till 2025-26 of Affiliate Marketing , that has already begun due to this Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. So it’s already on a Boom .

  Affiliate marketing is nowadays more powerful way to earn money without doing anything else other than copy- paste.
             You can refer someone to buy something from a particular person or company  then the person or the company pays you some sort of commission on qualifying successful purchase.      
     There are so many websites you can join for earning  like Amazon , 
 Flipkart,   Snapdeal and many more you can join.
How much can one Earn from Affiliate Marketing?
If you are already having trust and Believes of A great Number of Audience you might be then like an Influencer who Earn in Millions for Promoting a Single Brand or Product i.e. 
                       You too can  earn Millions just by Affiliate Marketing ,if I give You a rough idea ,you may definitely earn 500K to 600K (5L to 6L) per month if You have 2 to 3% conversion  rate out of 50k to 60k visitors to your Product . 
Digital Marketing:

  The era we are living in is almost completely  digital from buying to selling ,hospitals to schools, govt. to pvt. bodies are all getting online nowadays. 
                         It is expected  that within next  few years almost everyone will be using Internet and spending most of their time in mobiles/laptops/computers and other kinds of digital gadgets  .
 Digital marketing is basically learning about the working of many big platforms and creating your own ways to earn money . These platforms are Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and many other search engines. 
       People are spending thousands and lakhs to lakhs to learn digital marketing and making yours a new carrier in this field .

Test your website/blog loading speed :

The Next is 

 Let me first ask you ,whether you know about Blogging ? Means “What is Blogging?”
           If not then let me Make you understand Blogging. Blogging is what basically through which you came to our Article .      
            Actually writing such attractive Articles is known as Blogging .  Means if you have Some knowledge in specific field or you are all-rounder then you can provide others information & knowledge 
about that topic or interest.

The niche of Blogging might be :
  • Tech 
  • Education 
  • General Knowledge(GK)
  • Science(Physics/Chemistry/Biology)
  • Mathematics
  • Worldly Knowledge (Spiritual     Concepts)
  • Motivation
  • Online Earning
  • Youtubing
  • Making Useful ideas for Event   Management
  • Art & Craft (Making waste to Wealth)
  • Curious Experiments 
  • Scientific Research
  • Health Related Articles
  • Body Building
  • E -Commerce website (online   product  selling)
  • Reviews of various new and Useful   Products
  • Providing Content writing services   online
  • Teaching about Blogging/Digital   Marketing (seo,post writing …….etc)
  • Motivational Quotes Writing
You can get many more Niche and ideas on blogging by Giving us a request either through comment or Contact Form absolutely for free or cost . Almost more 70 Niche to Micro-niche for completely free .
How much can you earn from Blogging ?

In this modern era Today ,if you start blogging ,there might be period of  2 to 4 Months for approval Of Your Adsense Account to show ads on your site  (this period can be shorter as well as longer depending upon the Content, Navigation, SEO friendly posts, The position of your site in the Review list and a lot more factors are there).
But if your site is fully optimized and user-friendly then definitely by getting a monthly traffic of 30k unique visitors, you can earn 14 to 15 thousand per month , but this rate may vary depending upon the CPM AND CPC rates of the ads . And having The page views in Millions may let you earn Thousands of Dollars (i.e. Millions of Rupees)
            And after having Great traffic base you can also earn from Affiliate and Sponsorship.
But there is very high Competition in this Field as this is not a new one.
Actually the main role in all these is of ads .
How you represent an advertisement before your visitors so that they get convinced to purchase your service or item you are selling making it as on of their most important needs.  Hope this article was awesome one for you being in this digital era .

   If you want to learn more about digital marketing(blogging, SEO,Youtubing ,Affiliate Marketing,Social Media Marketing and much more. ) you can Purchase our Premium Courses even less than an Amount of $15 .


After having known your Situations ,this Pricing is Negotiable.

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