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How to earn Money from Facebook ?

In this article I will be taking to through various ways and strategies  that you can apply to earn from  Facebook. Yes you heard it right, The Facebook that you use creating a Friend circle of 5000 friends, watching short videos, Long Videos Movie Cuttings , can also be a Place of earning and might be your main source of income. 

So I will be telling and explaining  a lot of ways and Some sort of working strategies to earn a heft of money from Facebook. So let’s Begin:

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Create A Facebook Page:

Firstly You need a professional Business purpose Facebook Page created for you. To create a Facebook Page :

  • Go to You Facebook App .                          
  • Clock on Three Lines➡️ Click on ‘Pages’➡️ Create+.                                      
  • Click Get started ➡️ Name Your Page according to your Business.                      
  • Add Some important details asked on Screen .                                                         
  • Congrats !!! Your Page is created !

How to earn money from Facebook


How to create a Facebook page

How to create a Facebook page

Do You know ?  

Facebook is the second largest ad network on the Globe after Google Adsense. So great opportunities are there on Facebook

Now let’s begin the wawaysys You can Earn Money through ,from Facebook:

1. Write Instant Articles:

         What are Instant articles?  : You might have seen many times Some articles of various Media Group Pages like Patrika News, ABP News , The LallanTop etc , so basically these articles are called Instant Articles.
      But, to write Instant Articles you need to create an Account . After creating your account you will get many plugins and tools to insert links and do Many more while that on WordPress .
                          After having sufficient no. of articles and required amount of Traffic as per the Facebook’s Monetisation Policies, you can apply for Monetisation and after some review checks they will respond you accordingly ,and If you qualified then Monetisation gets enabled and your earning from ads Go hand in hand.
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2 .Affiliate Marketing :  

                 I don’t think ,that this topic needs more explanation about itself. But there might be some newbies ,so let me tell you briefly about it. 
       Affiliate Marketing is something like recommending someone’s product to some-one else . If the purchase through your link is Successful ,you earn some sort of commission on every successful Purchase. I hope it’s clear now.
      How can you earn from Affiliates?
You can provide your affiliate links in your Articles ,or Posts . And of you have s great traffic then your Links won’t go without giving you some Dollars to thousands of Dollars. Though Affiliate Marketing works almost for those only who have great amount of Traffic and give value to their Customers/Visitors.
         So if you jump in this field without having prior knowledge of the same ,you might regret later . Therefore to avoid this sudden failure , Make yourself mentally prepared to give your sufficient time in this Growing business.

Which Affiliate Programmes to Join ?

You can join many affiliate programmes like that of Amazon , Meesho ,Commission Junction, but join the ones which best suite and fit in your Category /Niche.

3. Facebook Ads :

      Yes ,Like Google ads pay Bloggers and Youtubers ,the same way Facebook also pays to the Eligible content creators. You can apply to monetise your videos ,Articles you publish ,but keep in mind that these platforms have their very strict rules to monetise a Page.

     Therefore upload your original content , or the ones that you own somehow ,but don’t use others’ content for your videos or Articles. This may lead to Rejection of your application .

4. Advertise On Facebook :

       Advertising on Facebook means creating your own ads to show targeted audience to get traffic or leads to your website or links.    We see ads on Facebook many times in between the articles and below Some Videos. But what do you think , Does the money they invest for advertising go useless ?  Not of Course ,because they earn quite 100 to 2000 times they invest in ads. 

      So it’s great place to promote your Brand and earn in Thousands to Millions just from advertising  .

           What to advertise ?

You can advertise your self Prepared Courses in Various categories that interest people . Then people must enroll in your courses and this way you can have better returns . I hope it will help you.

5. Create Paid Groups : 

Yes ! If you have name and fame in your industry then you can follow this step. It will be help ful for you  . 

          You can create paid groups for which to join ,you may charge some small amount of $ 2 To $10 depending upon the content you provide . You can share here your affiliate or sponsored links in the Group . 

     If I found Some more useful ways. I will add them later. Till then enjoy and practise above methods.

And let me know your feedback or suggestion in the Comment below. I will be Happy to help You if needed. 

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