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How to create a blog of your own in 2022 and make money .


     Hello friends , in today’s article ,we will get to know on how to create your own blog ,customize it,make it SEO friendly ,and make it come in google search or by any other search engine.

How to create a blog and earn money

             How to Create a Blog ? 

It depends on your preferred platform you choose . Like whether you choose WordPress, Blogger , Wix, Tumble , Godaddy , etc.In  today’s article I will be telling the ways to create a free blog in Blogger Platform ,which is offered by Google itself. So let’s begin with the simplest steps that anyone can follow.


 Steps to Create Free Blog in Blogger ……..

What is Web Hosting ?-


  • Go to or their Blogger App.
  • Click Create blog . 
  • Make sure ,you are signed in with your email id that you want to create the blog with.
  • Add title to Your Blog (This is Name of your blog like Ours SuperArticleIndia )
  • Then create  a URL of your Blog ( This is url of your site through which people will be able to visit your blog like ours )
  • Make sure to Keep your URL and Title is easy to remember and pronounce .
  • Avoid including numerals in the Blog ,because it looks unprofessional like if I say . It is seeming unprofessional ,isn’t it ? 
  •  Now You are Ready to go as Your Blog is Live on the Internet.
 Now after successful creation of your  blog , YOU are using free themes provided by Blogger itself. To look more professional ,you need to setup your own custom theme so that your blog looks as of ours does or even more professional.




How to Setup Custom theme to your Blog.
To setup a custom theme to your Blogger Blog , you need the theme code that you can either buy from GooyabiTemplates ,Way2Themes , SoraTmplates etc or can use a free theme but a credit will be seen in the footer in the name the theme owner i.e. Gooyabitemplates etc. 
Steps to add Custom Theme to Blogger Blog ; 
  •  Firstly Login to your Blogger Dashboard .
  • Click on the upper three lines and click on ‘Theme’ Option .(below images)
  • Now click on the Drop Down arrow and select ”Restore ” Option and upload that theme to blogger that you downloaded .
  • If you want the older theme code to have with you ,you can select the “Backup” Option. 
  • You can change your the any  time.
  • To Customize (i.e. how  your blog looks like ,its heading color , title color , hover color ,footer links etc.), Click on “Customize” option from there on or Layout Option.
How to customize blogger template
How to customize blogger template




How to remove Footer credit from Free themes ?
      But don’t worry I will be telling you in the next article that how you can remove the Footer credit for free without any coding knowledge and add your own professional credit at the footer as is Ours you can see below in the footer section.
 Writing Your First Article 
    To write your article/post Click on New Post option . For how to customize your font etc , you can watch a tutorial on Youtube .
How to Add Custom domain to your Blog :
    Having a custom domain stands you away from the crowd on the web. So you definitely should consider for a custom domain for your site as an Investment . Because that blog will pay you more than you invest today. 
Which Domains to buy 
     Whichever domain you buy , I recommend you to buy  a top level domain viz. .com , .in , .net , .info , .online etc. These are more ranking domains in the world.
  Which Company’s Domains to Buy ?
 In case of buying a domain ,you can consider any platform which I know and would recommend to you are 
  8. Bluehost
  9. Network Solutions
  10. Dream Host
  11. Google Domains    etc………..+

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