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 How to start a business with these working strategies ?

How to start business

   Hello Dear reader  , I will today give and explain you some strategies that might help you start a start-up and bring it to the level which will establish you a great and successful businessman

       But first of all ,you should know about  these below given points before you invest your hard-earned money in a start-up or business .

    What is difference. between Start-Up and Business ?

What is Start-Up ?

        Basically a start-up is also a business but on a very small level .

     In simple language ,the small scale businesses that require less investment to start are called start-ups. Hope ,it’s clear now. Is It ? And what a business is ,you might be already knowing, but still if you do not know , let me explain it .

    What is Business ?

Business is actually one of the established ways to earn money by investing the ones (money) which one already owns or by taking loans from banks or co-operative societies. But , I think it still over-passing. Don’t worry ,let me make it clear . Business is a money earning platform in which we benefit others with the products or services we create/offer and earn some profit . 

    Note : We will usually use the Term.                      “Business” for both Start-up  and business to avoid any kind of confusion.  


Why to start a Business ?

    This question might sound unusual or irrelevant . But this is a fact based point to consider about. 

   Remember : Keep Your intention always positive and helping when you start your business and to keep it running. 

   Because this is the most basic principle of starting a business . Because this is the only principle which helps you boost your business by bringing a great amount of Customers and Consumers. Therefore ,you should consider helping others while starting your business. Hope it’s clear . 

          I try to keep every point well understandable , short and precise so that it should not take much of your time.

   But this is not the only reason to start a business . Because when one listens or talks about business ,it basically means from a great amount of money. Obviously this must also be your goal while starting the business but it is not the only one. It should be secondary goal after the intention of helping other.

       Why should you prioritise “Helping Others ?”

     Remember , A business grows only when it has great number of consumers /customers . Because the question is “Who will buy your product” . If you get the thorough answer to this question you can grow your business very well.  

       Firstly keep your intention positive i.e. for the well being of others. This will establish you as a great face for help. It would also provide a Space and Name in the society. 

       There are several successful examples of businesses which grew only because of their positive intention. I tell you about Youtube , Facebook.

       Three emplyees(they were friends & many others also lost their jobs) of Paypal lost their Jobs because of its Capture by Ebay. And they started their own platform named TuneIn where people could find their partners . But it didn’t succeed. Then they launched Youtube with the intention where people could share their videos and had the chance to learn new things . And what Youtube is , today I don’t need to tell even little about that. 

          So remember this fact ,

Those who help always succeed.

What Types of Businesses can Grow fast?

As per the recent years ,due to the World shifting towards online and virtual work space from the one handled in offices. That was the time when we went to a shop and asked the Shopkeeper ‘Half KG Sugar’ ,but today we don’t need to go anywhere . As we can order anything from the comfort of our home by ordering them online from Amazon , Flipkart etc.

          Look at the fact these e-commerce companies focus on. That is helping others, You Know. Because they provide your desired item at your home even at the cost quite lesser than from that in offline market. And that’s the reason they are successful. They earn in millions every month just with this basic principle. So you also need to apply this principle to your business also.     

                 This world is turning online day by day, month by month,year by year, so if you don’t change yourself accordingly this time you might lag quite behind. You need to step up with this growing online world. 

         Business is not basically providing your services in offline mode by opening your offices and arranging dozens of emplyees . Business ,today can be started ,managed ,grown even alone also. Business is not in the tradition sectors only. Today anything that lets you earn money is called business. But remember your intention should be positive again.                                                                     There are certain frauds being online in the name of banks ,and that is a business for them . But that’s not the way to survive for ever and that is also against Humanity, which steals the hard earned money from people’s Bank Accounts . Because their intention is not Helping Others.

        I will also give you some personal strategies and some ideas that you can work on as business in the below sections.

So basically ,I want to attract your attention to the customers  who are online , and they might benefit you more respective of the category of your business.  You know Blogging itself is a business.

Top Online Businesses to try :

  • Blogging                                       
  • Youtubing
  • Freelancing
  • Photography
  • Consultancy Services
  • Virtual Medical Assistance(For trained only)
  • Online Course
  • Online Teaching
Top Offline Business Ideas:

  • Architecture
  • Software development(also in Online mode)
  • Waste Collection
  • Edible Oil Manufacturing
  • Edibles Manufacturing
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Diagnosis Facilities(Specially in Rural areas ,opportunities are higher)
  • Cheapest Showrooms (Clothes, Electronics)
  • More on Demand through Contact Form (Only)
Details of Offline Businesses Mentioned here :

  This Field is obviously for those who have some expertise or experience Home making ,i.e. Building a House . It can let you earn in millions if your Work influences your clients . Because remember the basic principle of Business that I mentioned earlier.
Your Clients will recommend you , as people share one’s videos as a recommendation.
Software Development:  
 It is also on a boom due to the World Turning Online, Basically Software Development,web development ,App Development ,all are different from each other, but I am Including all these a One. This industry Pays S/W developers 10M of Annual Package in the USA and other developed countries.
              As people are growing day by day they are establishing their won Websites ,apps ,Software and that’s an Opportunity for the Professionals of this Field. 
Waste Collection:   
        What ? Will   You  collect waste ? What’s its Benefit ?  Collect waste and sell it to the Factories or companies which recycle them . And this way you would be helping Nature . And making of Eco-Friendly Products and Items. 
Min. Investment: Rs. 50K to 1 Lakh

Edible Oil Manufacturing :

               In this Inflation age (महंगाई),if you produce cheap and Best quality edible oils that of  mustard,Soya, etc, your Business will  grow at an all time Highest rate. But it is a Money Consuming Business.

Min. Investment:Rs. 2 Lakh to Rs. 10 Lakh

Edibles Manufacturing

          In This age where Inflation is increasing day by day ,if you can Produce or Process edibles like pulses, Biscuits , Namkeen, Energy Boosters , Health related edibles , Your Business can Grow faster in this Time following the Basic Principle Of Business I mentioned above.

Minimum Investment: Rs . 4.5 Lakh to 8 Lakh

Health Care Facilities(including Diagnosis): 

            This is really an All time high Business though it should be taken and served  always as a Social Service. But in this age when people are suffering from kind to kinds of diseases but lacking of proper treatment and Diagnosis which led to the more severe diseases and finally might be Death. 

        People wander here and there for treatment and diagnosis ,but don’t get the best at the right time and if get ,that’s not affordable . You might surprise if you are a Rural Person that a Simple B- Scan of eyes and Ultrasound cost approximately Rs. 800 in Rural Areas and the in Urban Areas cost approx. Rs.2000 to 2500. That’s really not affordable for those belonging to rural areas. 

      This Business must follow the First and Basic Principle of Business Growth I mentioned Above .

Minimum Investment: Rs. 5 to 20 Lakh

Cheapest Showrooms(Clothes/ Electronics) :  

                         You know people are fashionable in this Modern era due to the coming of Western Culture in Asian Countries . But people still follow their Local Culture ,so this might be opportunity for your Business to present this type of Classical and Cultural clothes at affordable prices .

         You must know that Showrooms and Electronics Shops are easily affordable to open in rural areas. So try this.

Minimum Investment: 

For Clothes: 1.5 Lakh to 5 Lakh.

For Electronics: 6 Lakh to 10 Lakh

Where Should you Invest Your Capital Firstly ?

  • You basically firstly need to decide the sector/industry you want to start your business in.
  • Then make a list of important equipments /necessities for your business.
  • If Possible , aquire your own farm/land for this purpose ,else you can rent that with building/campus as per your need.
  • Have sufficient Money or the smallest investment possible ,then divide the share of that amount according to your need i.e. how much to invest in which need like equipments/machines /electricity/employees etc.
  • Make your legal contracts with the buyers/whole sellers for your raw materials .

Where to get the Initial Capital from, to Invest if you don’t have ?

Ok . So this might be a big question for somebody who really don’t have sufficient amount for investment . What I recommend is that borrow the capital from your family members,friends ,or relatives because that amount is collateral free and is OF COURSE from your Closed-ones so you don’t have to take the headache to return that amount in just one to two years provided the amount  is less. 

        But this is the era when people can take loans from banks at some interest rates but they won’t ask their relatives for even a small amount as some of the relatives are really very ******. Next you can understand.  

         So, if you are keen to start your business/start-up and you don’t want to borrow money from relatives and co-operatives then the only option remaining is taking loan from the bank , but for that you should have credit in the vision of the Bank. 

         Therefore ,you should definitely apply for the business-loan at the earliest. 

   Location for Your Business ?

So ,you have to decide it very carefully so that you can generate successful leads . You must care of the following before you setup your business :

Location should be easily reachable: It means there should be convenience for your customers or new visitors to reach your shop easily. This might be along the Road-side. 

It should be transport friendly: It basically means to transport your supplies easily from your supplier/ whole seller to your shop/factory location.


        What should be concluded from this long talk is that you should always remember the first and basic principle of Successful Business that I mentioned so many times. This is the first ever my longest article I ever written. So please Subscribe this blog for such latest updates and News . 

   Author :The Site Owner.

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