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Many students ask for this question if Physics Wallah i.e. PW is good for NEET .  SO in this article you will get to know  the answer of the same question if you are also searching for the same question’s Answer .

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Is Physics Wallah Good for NEET ?

Basically the above question has many aspects of answers , and this can be answered very well by a JEE/ NEET aspirant only. I am writing this article after very much research from various reliable and genuine sources to present the most effective answer to you.

What I myself can say about this question is that He (Physics Wallah ) not teaches only for neet aspirants but that is quite above that level so you can blindly trust his platform (just with the intension of extreme belief ) .

He (NOT JUST HE BUT HIS ENTIRE PLATFORM ) Teaches quite effectively for your board exams , NEET and most effectively for Advanced .

What students say about it ?

Many students on these sources have answered for this question very positively giving their quite good review going from 4 to 4.8 out of 5 . ☆    .

This indicates that their platform is very well ? But how can this be said with so much confidence ? That’s because the teachers of the PW platform have the experience of many years of teaching in offline as well as online platforms and many of them are from  very reputed institutes and also from  Coaching Hub of the Country Kota .

Physics Wallah NEET study Materials :



The same here as in JEE, but there is Biology instead of Maths (NEET Wale Maths ka kya karenge 😜😜😜😂😂😄)

4 Books of Physics

4 Books of Chemistry

4 Books of Biology

One Solutions Booklet of Each.

Price :  ₹1899/- , ₹4000/- 


The same no. of Books here also i.e. 15 .

4 Books of Physics

4 Books of Chemistry

4 Books of Biology

One Solutions Booklet of Each.

Released on 10th April.

Price: ₹1299/- 


The books of Class 11th and 12th are combined here in this Package.

8 Books of Physics

8 Books of Chemistry

8 Books of Biology

2 Solutions Books of Each Subject.

Price :₹2800/-  ( ₹5000/- ) 

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