Is there Life After Death ? Find with :SAI

According to Hindu mythology there is a soul resting in every body which when leaves the body goes either in a new body or directly to God (extreme soul ) based on the actions(karma )  performed in that particular life period.

What should we do to get what we wish?

This is all according to Hindu Mythology.

 Accordingly  as like when one replaces  an old clothe with a new one similarly when the body gets older ,the soul resting inside it changes it to enter a new body. 

Is there life after Death ,Really ??

I don’t know what others think about this Saying ,but what I personally see is that ,People who believe in Spiritualism (आध्यात्मिकवाद) ,think and believe it as A Fact. What your views are,let me know in the Comment below. 

                     As I told you earlier ,this is all According to Hindu Mythology….

What to do If some of your Loved-ones Passes away ??

   You know if you would have watch Maha-Bharat ,the World’s biggest Epic(महाकाव्य), when Yaksha (यक्ष) asks Yudhisthir (युधिष्ठिर),”What is The Extreme Truth of the World that every one knows but can’t Accept ?”

Then Yudhisthir answers very wisely and truly ,he replies ,”That’s Death “.He says forward ,this is only truth that every body knows he/she has to go through it one, but if I say him/her that he/she will die today/tommorow or any day ,then definitely that person will gather anger against me though that person knows he/she will definitely die.

     Like if I say the one Who is Reading my article right now will die after reading or eating Food just today, then surely you will be Angry with me. Basically my intention behind telling this story is that no one is Immortal (अमर) in this World ,one Who Comes has to go  like our guests. 

                     Me myself lost my Father in November 2020 ,who was every thing to me . Actually I was Studying to help him Financially as he worked quite much for me… I don’t have the Words to describe his contribution in making me a responsible Son. I have written the Below poem being Free from all kinds of bonds in life…..(सभी बन्धनों से मुक्त ) .

यही तो संसार की माया है…..

ओ जायेगा जो आया है…..

वो सब कुछ रह जायेगा ,जो उसने कमाया है…..

यही तो संसार की माया है ….

हे मनुष्य जो किया तूने वो तो तेरी मोह माया है…..

जिसे तू स्वयं समझता है ,वो तो तेरी काया है ….

तेरे शरीर का इतना वज़न कहां ,जो धरती पे तू बोझ बने 

ये सब तो तेरे कर्मों की छाया है …..

 यही तो संसार की माया है…..

ओ जायेगा जो आया है…..।।।।।।।।

        By- The Site Owner !!!!!!!

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