List of Industrial Cities of the World || Cities and Industries(नगर और उद्योग ) Important cities and their main Industries …——- SuperArticles

We are providing below the Cities and Industries Based on them . These cities are specially known because of these Industries.

          We will give you the Information which city of India is given the Title of these City ,like Manchester of India is Ahmedabad.

Where is this all Useful ??

      This is all useful for all Competitions and Selection Tests involving GK/GS.
So let’s begin ………..
         Cities     &     Industries.
  • Detroit- Motor Vehicles
  • Magnitogorsk- Iron & Steel
  • Osaka – Textiles
  • Yokohama- Ship Manufacturing
  • Huston – Oil and Natural Gas
  • Havana- Cigar /Cigarette
  • Anshan(China)- Iron-Steel
  • Milan- Silk Clothes 
  • Sheffield-  Cutlery( चाकू छूरा)
  • Venice – Glass Manufacturing 
  • Moscow- Machinery Industry
  • Glasgow (Scotland)-Ship Manufacturing
  • Ottawa -Papers Manufacturing
  • Pittsburgh(Pennsylvania)-Iron&Steel
  • Shanghai-Cotton Clothes
  • Saint Peterborough- Ship Manufacturing.
  • Los Angels- Air planes
  • Abadan- Oil Refining 

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