How to earn money online in India in 2021 and From Youtube? यूट्यूब से पैसे कैसे कमायें । affiliate Marketing .

You can earn money by creating your own youtube channel and getting accepted in YPP( Youtube Partner Program). How to Create A Youtube Channel?  यूट्यूब चैनल कैसे बनायें।।     You can create your Youtube channel in the youtube app. Steps to follow to create your channel:-  1. Open the Youtube app.  2. Click on … Read more

What is Physics ? Physics क्या है ? How to understand Physics ?- SuperArticlesIndia

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The  nature around us is colourful and diverse. It contains phenomena of  large varieties . The winds ,the sands , the waters , the planets ,the rainbow , heating of objects on rubbing , the function of a human body , the energy coming from the sun and the nucleus ……there are a large number of objects and events taking place around us.

     ➡️  Physics is the study of nature and its laws. We expect that all these different  events in nature take place according to some basic laws and revealing these laws of nature from the observed  events in Physics . You may get it very well

For e.g. , the orbiting of the moon around the earth , falling of an apple from a tree and tides in a sea on a full moon night can all be explained if we know the Newton’s law of gravitation and Newton’s laws of motion. 

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What is 16 Psyche,the precious “ulka Pind ” important for competitions The most precious asteroid – उल्का पिंड -Ulka Pind…..

 According to NASA ,16 Psyche is an asteroid which is found in the asteroid belt between MARS AND JUPITER . According to a report it consists of many metals and precious substances like platinum, Gold etc(etcetera) . According to the same report, if the iron present on 16 Psyche is brought to the Earth , … Read more