Parag Agarwal – Where is he From -Twitter’s new CEO -SAI

Biography of Parag Agarwal :

Parag Parag (actually Dr. Parag Agarwal ) is appointed as the new CEO (Chief Executive Officer ) of the Social Media Giant Twitter on 29 November 2021 after Jack Dorsey resigns the same post.

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About Parag Agarwal :

Age – 45 Years (as in 2021 )

Schooling : Atomic Energy Central School

Graduation : IIT Bombay

Originally from : Mumbai

Branch : Computer Science Engineering (CSE )

Doctorate : Stanford University

Thesis on: Incorporating Uncertainty in Data.                           Management and Integration .

Thesis Publishing Year : 2012

Joined Twitter : in 2011

Also worked in : Microsoft ,Yahoo ,AT & T .

Became : CTO (Chief Technical Officer ) in 2017

. After he became CTO Company (Twitter ) in a statement stated ,

” In his capacity as CTO ,he has focused on scaling a cohesive machine learning and AI approach across our Consumers and revenue and infrastructure Teams.”

Dorsey said ,

             ” He is Curious ,probing ,rational, creative, demanding , self -aware,and humble..”

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