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 JEE ULTIMATE BATCH FOR JEE 2022 Physics Wallah .

Physics Wallah has been launching a lot of courses one after the other . In this series he has launched a new batch JEE ULTIMATE  for JEE 2022 . Which is starting from 06 Dec 2021 .

Physics wallah batches

Batch Description : 

1. Droppers or Class XII students aiming for jee 2022 can enroll for this .

2. Recorded Lectures will be uploaded on their platform .

3. Course has 3 stages ;

i . MIC – Most Important Concepts

ii. MIP- Most Important Problems

iii. MIA – Mission IIT Advance

4. Tests will be conducted after every week.

5. DPPs will be provided after every lecture .


Batch will commence from 06 Dec 2021 and will complete the entire syllabus by 31 July 2022.

Know Your Faculties :

There will be the following faculties teaching in the batch who are as follows ;

Teachers Subjects
  Rajwant Singh   Physics
  Sarvesh Dixit   Chemistry
  Amit Mahajan   Chemistry
  Amit Kr. Gautam   Chemistry
  Arvind Suthar    Maths

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