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Salemi houses for sale

     Salemi italy homes for sale

 Salemi is one of the places of the world full of beauty . And it is also the place where you can buy houses for even less than Rs. 100 . 

                 In today’s article we will review this beautiful city . So let’s begin ……..

Friends , Salemi is the city in Italy situated in the Bellice Valley . This place is surrounded by the beautiful gardens of grapes and olive trees. The city is exactly midway of Trapani . This city seems to be a parler having narrow stone streets 

Salemi city


                    Having these awesome attractions ,it is one of most beautiful villages of Italy .     You must have heard or read somewhere about the history of Italy .Due to this , Salemi has been the part of all these historical events . Its name derives from the Arabic word Salaam which means Peace. and it resembles its name in real . …..


                           But you must be interested in knowing ,why having a own house in this city costs only Rs. 100 / . SO don’t worry .

    Though the city is very beautiful ,for the namesake of population only  a few people reside there by counting . And Italy’s govt  wants to increase the population of the city . For this the houses cost so less.  Actually this is so , because One INR (Indian Rupees ) of  India equals 22 Italian Lira of Italy . 

       So friends I hope this article would help you  alot to explore more about this city.

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