SOF IMO 2020-21 RESULTS (declared) get the direct result link here.

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Results of all SOF olympiads are Released .
The result of SOF IMO 2020-21 is released today i.e.
31st March 2021 . 
We recommend you to check your results only on the website of SOF , do not believe any third party results provider , . To check your results Go to But but ,but , listen listen ,also get to know what your result sheet consists of .
It consists of 

Your Results Looks Like :
   Student Name:
   Original Roll no.
   Revised Roll no.
   Marks Scored:  X/60 (where X= your       marks)
  International Rank:
  International award won:
  Regional Rank:
  Zonal Rank:
  Zonal award won:
  Class Rank:
  Class Award won:
   Your School name:

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