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I am gonna tell you some uses of Dihydrogen(H2).
Some “Uses of Dihydrogen”:-
  1.  The single use of Dihydrogen is in the synthesis of ammonia which is used in the manufacture of nitric acid(HNO3)  nitrogenous fertilizers .
  2.  It is widely used in manufacturing of Metal hydrides .
  3.  It is used in the preparation of Hydrochloric Acid /Hydrogen Chloride (HCl),which has a wide range of applications .
  4. It is also used to prepare Vanaspati Fats by hydrogenation of Polyunsaturated vegetable oils like soyabeen , cotton seeds etc.
  5. It is used in the manufacture of widely used organic Compounds ,viz. methanol.                                                                                          Cobalt
  6.  CO(g) +2H2(g)  —————–> CH3OH(l)


  7. It is used as a reducing agent in metallurgical processes to reduce metal oxides to metals.
  8. Atomic hydrogen (H) and oxy-hydrogen torches have great use for cutting and welding purposes . They produce a temp. of 4000K when dihydrogen is dissociated with the help of an electric arc.
  9. Its great use is in the Space Crafts in the form of liquid hydrogen.
  10. Dihydrogen is used in the fuel cells for generating electricity. It has many advantages over the conventional fossil fuels and electric power.
  11. We are all aware of using LPG in cooking our Food and preparing a lot of recipes 😀😀😄, and hydrogen having the highest calorific value is used in producing heat energy.

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Important terms- 
Calorific Value : 
                                It is the amount of heat produced by the decomposition of unit mass. Hydrogen has the highest calorific value.
Ignition Temperature:
                                  It is the minimum temp.  at which a substance produces heat by converting mass to energy.
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