Which is more better- Phonepe or Google pay secure in 2022(update) ? Paytm vs Google Pay vs Phonepe?

Hello Friends , Nowadays most of us are getting completely or partially online for our needs and works. And most important is Today’s online payment .

There are a number of payment facilities providing apps like PAYTM , PHONEPE, GOOGLEPAY, PAYPAL AND A LOT MORE.

 But this remains as a constant question that which payment gateway is more secure .
So don’t worry friends we shall be addressing this issue and would be making sure you are on right and secure payment gateway . We will be reviewing Paytm , phonepe , Google pay mainly. So let’s begin with
PAYTM :  As you all know it very well because it is one of India’s most famous payment gateway.
Its interface is very nice and amazing . So one can say it to be user friendly  and better payment gateway. What we think about it is that it’s on an average very nice payment gateway because most of our team members do use it. We will be giving the download link of each App also, so that if you want to use any of them you can download them and start making payments online .
Paytm has a wallet which you can use anytime to make payments ( if it has some amount 😄😄😁 only)
But we would like to bring  your attention to the latest news which stated about the frauds through paytm . The fraudster would call you and be asking about your personal details like Debit card no. , CVV, your paytm number and password . So be aware of such fraudsters to keep your hard earned money always safe. We would recommend you to use only wallet Facility of Paytm . But it’s your own ultimate choice whether you want to use it.
Paytm download link : Click here
Now let’s talk about
PHONEPE: We would like to clear that Phonepe is also an Indian Payment gateway providing amazing
online payment facility . It also has Phonepe Wallet option that you can use to make online payments at any merchant shop or any web or application.
We would recommend to use this app for better experience and payment facility. Phone provides you with life insurance facility, you can buy here Gold also , pay your bills make recharges to your mobile nos., pay your credit card bills also.
 It also provides you with 24X7 customer support  so for any technical or fraudulent actions , you may get help at that moment.  We are writing its review very short because when you will be using it you yourself will be very glad to use it.
You can download Phone Pe from here
Google Pay : As the name suggests it is  a product of the World famous Goooooogle.(😄😄😄😁😁).
As you know it has been designed by the software engineers working ” In Google” so definitely its user experience is a little hard , therefore we would not recommend you to use it if you are a novice in this online दुनिया ( world ). You can definitely use it but if you have good technical knowledge , then only .
The worst about it is that it doesn’t have the option of a Wallet like that in PayTM and phonepe .
 You can download it going to Playstore or just by clicking here
Conclusions:  Friends these were just reviews that may help you get better options and do selections in this online Duniya (world). This is not any way to force you to use any particular app mentioned above just on our recommendations , you yourself must use them then do believe or don’t , it will be your own choice.
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Once again Thank you so much.

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