Why dividers are used ?and road margins are black ,yellow and white only -motera stadium , dividers and road margins .

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Why road margins and dividers are with black , white and yellow colours only ?
What are the features of Motera Stadium ?
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Why dividers are Used ? /

What is the purpose of  using Dividers ?

Because in cities there are not just hundreds or thousands of vehicles but there are millions of vehicles and the cities are the most crowded regions in any country , so as to avoid accidents and safe driving for drivers and his family  ,there are different sideways to come and go either of two ,four or six lanes each .
Why road margins and dividers are with black , white and yellow colours only ?

This is because these are the colours accepted under the International Highways Code . Because they are quite visible i.e. their visibility in Fog , darkness . That is, when in the fog the visibility gets lowered , even in that situation these colours can be easily detected.

What are the features of Motera Stadium?
This is the largest Cricket Stadium in the world located in Motera Ahmedabad Gujarat. 
Here are some of its salient features in the glance .

  •  Built in – 1993 and reconstructed in 2020
  •  Full Name – Narendra Modi Stadium ( named in Feb 2021)
  • Location – Motera ,Ahmedabad , Gujarat , India
  • Owner – Gujarat Cricket Association
  • Full Capacity – 1,10,000 spectators at a time.
  • Recorded Attendence – 51,000 ( India V/s Australia. 2011 Cricket                                                  World Cup ),                                                                             1,00,000 + Temporary seating.                                                         during  Namaste Trump in 2020)      
  • Field Size –        162Yards/170 yards.
  • Surface –        Australian grass
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