Why Not to Sleep in North Direction ? उत्तर दिशा की ओर सिर रखकर क्यों नहीं सोना चाहिए??.. —–.. SuperArticlesIndia..

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Many times our Parents and elders disturb us saying don’t sleep keeping your head in the North direction,but not everyone gets the Answer to this question if s/he asks “Why ?”. 
            But today I gonna tell you the reason behind this , after having 2 days of research and going through various topics and Articles…

As we all know our earth and we (Humans) have our own magnetic fields. The magnetic field lines of the earth lie in the North-South Directions. 
               And when we sleep Putting Our Head in North direction (POHiN direction, I will use this abbreviation to avoid writing that long phrase ,,is it OK ?….), Our Body’s magnetic field aligns with that of the Earth.
Why not Sleep in North Direction ? 
Which definitely Affects the pressure of Blood(BP) that leads to various Heart related diseases , and the ones who are already suffering from heart diseases are at the highest risk of getting Heart Attacks and hemorrhage or paralytic stroke. That is why it is always recommended not to Sleep POHiN Direction.
                  As we all know our Blood contains Iron particles which have magnetic property ,and when one sleeps in North direction these iron particles get accumulated in our Brain , due to which the Brain functionality may be affected and hence may cause Brain Hemorrhage  or paralytic stroke i.e. Paralysis (लकवा).
Which Direction to Sleep In ?/ Which Direction is Best to Sleep?
As per the Scientific researches and and Ancient customs one should sleep keeping his/her head in SOUTH OR EAST direction. These are the best directions.
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The Main Source :Times Of India
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