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Aa we become curious ,we try to become more & more advanced in learning and answering . So we make searches on different topics over different search engines . According to Google , this “year in search 2020” was full of following topics:

Learning :  How to be a teacher . 
Why speak only one language when you can speak more ? This year ‘how to learn a new language’ was searched at an all time high.

Year in search

Helping :   How to help . Top trending “how to help” 
      How to help Australia fires , how to help Black lives Matter , How to help during Coronavirus , how to help Beirut .
Something New :  As the time changes ,we search for either newer or Normal situations , this year we looked for a better future than we wished to return to normal/past . How to change the world was searched twice as much as how to go to normal. 

Programming : How to learn coding was the top trending thing people searched to learn.  Python was the top searched programming language .
Gratefulness : Essential workers were very helpful and lifelines to us this year . Global search for ‘how to thank’ hit an all time high with teachers , bus drivers ,nurses and doctors topping this list this year.
Emoji : Search for Mask emoji surpassed the same for hug emoji.
Dances : This year the top trending search for dances was for the ‘ Coffin Dance’ 
Donations : This year we focused on helping others more than we focused on ourselves – ‘ how to donate‘ was searched 2X more than ‘ how to save money’.
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