Sirix Remote Video Monitoring Services Review

Sirix Remote Video Monitoring Services is a seasoned expert in the field of security, boasting over 15 years of experience delivering top-notch solutions. They prioritize the security of businesses above all else, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to protect assets, infrastructure, equipment, and personnel. 

Their approach is proactive, with a primary focus on preventing security breaches and crimes before they escalate. By leveraging advanced technology and expert monitoring, Sirix aims to provide clients with peace of mind and round-the-clock protection.

Overview:  Remote Video Monitoring

Sirix remote live video monitoring service is a seasoned expert in the security industry, offering proactive and round-the-clock protection for businesses. With years of experience, Sirix prioritizes security by employing advanced technology, including high-resolution cameras and AI capabilities. 

Their services encompass strategic camera placement, real-time operator intervention, live video assessment, alert generation, and dispatching assistance. This comprehensive approach aims to prevent security breaches and enhance overall safety across various industries, making Sirix a trusted choice for those seeking robust security solutions.

Key Features:

Proactive Security: 

One of Sirix’s standout features is its proactive security approach. Instead of reacting to security breaches after they occur, they take steps to prevent them from happening in the first place. This proactive stance can avert substantial damage and loss.

Remote Video Monitoring: 

Sirix employs strategically positioned, high-resolution cameras at entrances, exits, perimeters, and parking lots to provide clear and precise video coverage. This real-time monitoring allows for immediate response to any suspicious activity.

Voice Talk-Down Intervention: 

In the event of an intruder being detected, operators can make vocal interventions using horn loudspeakers placed throughout the client’s business premises. In most cases, this intervention successfully deters the intruder, preventing a crime from taking place.

Real-Time Assessment: 

Expert operators continuously assess live video feeds to identify potential security threats. They can also access corresponding recorded footage triggered by alarms, enabling a more comprehensive evaluation of security situations.

Alert Generation: 

Sirix’s system promptly generates automated alerts upon detecting impending threats. These alerts are swiftly relayed to the remote command center, facilitating immediate and decisive responses. This seamless process enhances overall security measures.

Dispatching Assistance: 

In cases where vocal intervention is unsuccessful, Sirix ensures that the appropriate authorities are promptly notified. Police or security teams can be dispatched to the site as a “crime in progress” event, depending on the client’s standard operating procedures (SOP). Alternatively, emergency contacts can be alerted as per the client’s preference.

AI Capabilities: 

Sirix stands out by incorporating advanced AI capabilities into its services. These AI functions include intrusion detection, smoke and fire detection, gun detection, crowd detection, and traffic flow analysis. These capabilities bolster security and provide valuable insights for various settings, from sensitive areas to retail environments and transportation hubs.


The workflow of Sirix’s services follows a logical sequence, starting with intrusion detection and followed by operator intervention. Expert operators then conduct real-time assessments using live video feeds and recorded footage triggered by alarms. Automated alerts are promptly generated upon threat detection, leading to the dispatching of assistance if needed. This workflow ensures that potential security threats are addressed comprehensively and efficiently.


Sirix recognizes that different businesses have unique security needs. Therefore, they offer flexibility in tailoring surveillance schedules to align with specific requirements and preferences. This customization allows their services to adapt seamlessly to various business environments.

User Interface:

To make monitoring and reporting convenient, Sirix provides clients with access to an online portal and a mobile application. With just a few clicks, clients can access real-time reporting, regardless of their location. This feature ensures that clients stay informed about the status of their security operations.

Cost Consideration:

It’s important to note that setting up a remote video monitoring infrastructure is a critical component of these services. Sirix offers knowledgeable consultants who can assist clients in determining the requirements and associated budget. This cost consideration is essential for organizations seeking to implement these security measures.

Industries Served:

Sirix’s services cater to a diverse range of industries, each with its unique security challenges. These industries include:

Construction Sites: 

Addressing theft, vandalism, and fires that often plague construction sites, Sirix provides real-time surveillance and early detection capabilities. Their construction site security services are instrumental in helping businesses prevent and mitigate theft of construction materials.

Retail Industry: 

The retail sector benefits from Sirix’s behavioral AI, which identifies suspicious incidents like shoplifting. They also offer alarm video verification, POS monitoring, and remote assistance to enhance security.

Gas Stations: 

By reducing re-fueling delays, staffing costs, theft, and siphoning, Sirix’s advanced security monitoring helps gas stations operate efficiently.


Ensuring the safety of elevator passengers, especially those with hearing and speech impairments, Sirix implements advanced video monitoring in accordance with industry guidelines.

Parking Lots: 

Protecting high-value vehicles in parking lots from theft, vandalism, and loitering is a priority for Sirix. They offer high-tech security solutions, including remote gate control and loitering detection.

Automotive Dealerships: 

Auto dealerships face risks like auto parts theft and property vandalism. Sirix’s tailored solutions, including access control and video analytics, proactively deter criminal activities.

Marijuana Facilities: 

Cannabis farms and dispensaries require security against theft, unauthorized access, vandalism, and compliance issues. Sirix offers real-time monitoring and compliance solutions tailored to the cannabis industry.

City Security: 

Urban areas face challenges like overcrowding, vandalism, and assaults. Sirix delivers tailored live video monitoring solutions, including virtual guard tours and emergency intercoms, to safeguard cities.

Truck Yards: 

Truck yards are prone to theft, unauthorized access, and vandalism. Sirix offers real-time security solutions such as perimeter protection and remote gate control.

Why Choose Sirix Remote Video Monitoring:

Expert Operators 24/7: 

Sirix’s highly trained operators are available 24/7 to adapt to the specific requirements of clients’ properties. This ensures that clients receive the highest level of protection at any time of day or night.

Immediate Responses to Threats: 

The proactive approach of Sirix sets them apart from reactive solutions. Their team is always ready to take immediate action when unusual or potentially threatening situations arise, ensuring client safety and property security.


Sirix Remote Video Monitoring Services offers a holistic approach to security, blending proactive measures, advanced technology, and expert monitoring. Their flexibility in tailoring solutions, coupled with their expertise across various industries, makes them a compelling choice for organizations seeking robust security solutions. However, it’s essential for potential clients to consider the cost of setting up the necessary infrastructure as part of their decision-making process.

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